You need educational opportunities at a time and place convenient to your work schedule and life. For this reason, RDBA developed EduTrac®, a proprietary self-learning educational tool that allows retail dietitians to gain in-depth knowledge on key topics of interest.  Continuing education credits for dietetic professionals are available for EduTracs for two years after their origination date. Contact for information on CPEUs.

Potataoes USA

A Fresh Take on Food Processing: The Role of Processing in Supporting Safe, Healthy and Equitable Eating Patterns

Throughout history, food processing has played a critical role in building a safe, accessible, equitable, healthy and sustainable food system. In fact, our earliest ancestors invented food processing with the simple step of adding heat (i.e. fire) to meats, seeds and vegetables – providing humans with distinct advantages for survival. Food processing technologies today are often extensions of these original methods and are used to create flavorful, safe and healthy foods and beverages.

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Quaker Oats

Oats, Seed to Spoon

Quaker is excited to help retail dietitians learn more about Quaker Oats' seed to spoon journey!

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All About Them Apples

Ready to learn all about apples? Stemilt is a family-owned grower, packer and shipper of apples based in Washington State and is ready to share our brain trust to help RDs understand how an apple gets from our farms to your table. After moving through this EduTrac course, you will come out knowing more about apples than you ever thought possible. You will be taught the various varieties of apples, how apples are grown and harvested, as well as the nutritional value of apples and other common apple questions that Stemilt receives.

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Mushroom Council

Mushroom Mania

Are you ready to unearth the excitement behind the latest fungi frenzy?

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