What’s Next with Click & Collect?

What’s Next with Click & Collect?

August 19, 2020
Shari Steinbach

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

The COVID pandemic exposed a huge number of consumers to click and collect shopping, many of whom were using it for the first time. According to freshop, the current average basket size for click and collect is $122 and 85% of sales are the same day or next morning. Thirty percent of sales are via a mobile app and 75% of orders are for pick up. Experts predict that this method of purchasing and picking up groceries will be a big part of the future as it is both efficient and cost effective for the retailer. Here’s a look at what’s next for click and collect:

  • Retailers will leverage technology – New technologies will assist stores with faster and more accurate order fulfillment. There will be digital shelf tags, ring scanners worn by personal shoppers, and the ability to chart a shopping path through the store.
  • Clear communication – Customers want to know they will be getting what they ordered. A method for providing substitutions must be clear, easy and in an app format for quick response. The procedures for grocery pick up must also be obvious and visible.
  • The last impression will matter –The pick-up experience needs to be seamless as it can form a lasting impression on the overall service - from a friendly employee to food and personal safety precautions. Especially now, seeing someone with a mask and gloves, who is paying careful attention to details will show how much you care for your customers.
  • Differentiate with unique solutions – Retailers will be looking for ways to step up their online ordering program to provide relevant solutions and this is an area where retail RDNs can add tremendous value. For example, with many hot food and salad bars closing down, how can your stores still provide prepared meal ideas? Consider creating weekly meal kits or bundled meals of convenient products – rotisserie chicken, pre-cut fruit, bagged salad kit and a whole grain bakery baguette. Menu planners, shopping lists, healthy snack boxes, simple recipes and quick meal tips can also provide solutions to shoppers who are growing weary of home cooking. Pick up may be a perfect location to provide a seasonal menu plan for the following week along with a few new recipes

Click and collect will continue to grow and evolve with better order routing, fulfillment automation, and advances with the pick-up experience. Pay attention to what is happening at your company and develop a relationship with those individuals who are managing this service to discover ways that your expertise can add value.