Today’s Gluten Free Shopper

This webinar was on March 30, 2016

From cardboard bread to gluten-free everything, we’ve come a long way. This webinar, sponsored by Udi’s and Glutino, will provide retail RDs with an in-depth update on the gluten free shopper. Topics discussed will include an overview of today’s gluten free shopper and why they choose this eating pattern, how best to meet the varying needs of this consumer segment, and a review of industry indices on whether the trend is here to stay. Ideas for in-store activation to reach this consumer segment will also be provided.

Presenter: Elle Queen, Social Media Manager for Udi’s and Glutino

As the social media manager for Udi’s and Glutino, Elle spends her days on the front lines of consumer interaction online. In her role on these two gluten-free brands, Elle is responsible for social media strategy and implementation, digital marketing strategy, email marketing, website management and influencer marketing. Elle is passionate about the natural products industry and enjoys marketing products that stay ahead of trends and help people live healthier, better lives. Prior to her time at Boulder Brands, she worked on other natural and organic brands including Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm at General Mills.

Growing up in the chilly, often cloudy Midwest, Elle loves the sunshine and outdoor lifestyle that comes with living in Colorado. As a college athlete, she enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities and in her free time can be found hanging out with her two dogs, cooking and traveling.