Messaging That Works: Using Consumer Insights to Effectively Reach Shoppers

This webinar was on November 11, 2015

This webinar will highlight how to leverage consumer research to develop highly targeted messages to reach shoppers. For example, research shows us that consumers still need basic education when it comes to produce. While nutrition information may open the door, it is often the selection, handling and usage education that can drive purchase decisions. Wendy McManus, Retail Program Manager at the National Mango Board will provide an overview of consumer research - what it is, how it is conducted, and how it can be applied to messaging to effectively reach consumers and drive repeat purchasing, and a retail RDN will provide insight as to how she applies consumer research in her programs and promotions.


Carrie Taylor, RD, Big Y
With a background in public health nutrition education and exercise science, Carrie joined Big Y nearly ten years ago and serves as the Lead Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for the Living Well Eating Smart program. Since joining Big Y, her work has received recognition from both industry and professional organizations. Carrie was a 2009 Go Red! "Leading Lady" for the Greater Springfield American Heart Association, 2010 inductee for The Griffin Report's Women of Influence in The Food Industry, 2010 Massachusetts Dietetic Association Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year and 2011 Western Area Massachusetts Dietetic Association Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Service. 

Wendy McManus, Retail Program Manager and Southeast Retail Account Manager
As the Retail Program Manager for the National Mango Board (NMB), Wendy oversees all aspects of the board’s retail marketing and promotions efforts. She works with the NMB’s Retail Account Managers to ensure that mangos are consistently promoted and are handled for optimal quality and sales at the retail level. As the Southeast Retail Account Manager, Wendy has direct responsibility for the board’s relationships with regional retailers such as Publix, Winn-Dixie, Harris Teeter and Food Lion, and with national players such as Walmart and Kroger Corporate. In 2006, Wendy joined the NMB staff as the first Marketing Director of the fledgling organization. In this role, Wendy guided the NMB through the process of establishing successful marketing strategies and developing the brand. She entered the produce industry in 2001 when she joined the staff of the National Watermelon Promotion Board to direct that group’s retail and trade marketing efforts. Prior to joining the produce industry, Wendy gained a wide range of marketing experiences in advertising, printing and publishing. Wendy graduated from the University Of Houston School Of Business with a B.S. in marketing.