Virtual Experience Sessions Address Shoppers with Health Conditions and Food Sensitivities

Virtual Experience Sessions Address Shoppers with Health Conditions and Food Sensitivities

April 27, 2022

Meeting the unique health needs of shoppers continues as a priority and this year’s RDBA Virtual Experience featured several sessions positioning retail RDs to more effectively provide solutions for these shoppers. Recordings of the following sessions are now available.

Groceries for Gut Health presented by Kate Scarlata, MPH, RDN, LDN.
This presentation includes an introduction to how prebiotics and probiotics can be favorable additions to a healthy lifestyle, as well as contribute to the gut microbiome. The benefits of consuming fermented foods, the importance of using strain-specific probiotics for certain benefits, and how probiotics and live cultures in food differ are discussed. Finally, Kate will share gut health tips every retail dietitian should know in order to advise their clients appropriately — including foods to keep in the pantry and fridge, the convenience of probiotic foods, simple swaps, lifestyle habits, meal planning and grocery lists, along with using other resources included in an Activia gut health toolkit. 

Heart-Healthy Eating in 2022: How Well do you Know your Shopper? presented by Shelley Johnson, MJ, RD, and Mallory Brown, RD, LD.
Dietitians are well-trained in nutrition for preventing and treating coronary heart disease, but the landscape is changing. Refresh what you know and crack the consumer code with this session that covers current and relevant market research and science-based approaches to heart-healthy eating. Make heart-healthy eating relevant to shoppers of all ages who may not realize that total health and wellbeing has a cardiovascular connection.

Maximizing Individual Consults for Shoppers with Food Sensitivities presented by Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, CPT.
For individuals with food sensitivities, following a restrictive eating plan often seems like the only option. However, thanks to advances in nutrition and food science, consumers with food sensitivities can now enjoy more varied eating habits than ever before. During this session, an overview of these advances will be provided, including those related to options for individuals with milk sensitivities, as will research showing that a varied eating plan can improve overall  nutrition status and diet compliance. Specific tips relevant to the grocery setting and an educational selling approach are provided.

Adopting a Heart Healthy Diet for Today’s Consumer presented by Kate Schultz, MBA, MS, RD, Senior Dietitian at Nestlé and Cheryl Toner, MS, RDN, National Nutrition Portfolio Lead for the American Heart Association.
Cardiovascular health is fueled by healthful dietary patterns throughout the life cycle. “Heart-healthy” eating extends protection beyond the heart, and the mind, heart, and body are interrelated and interdependent. Unfortunately, socioeconomic factors and structural racism are barriers to accessing nourishing, affordable, and culturally appropriate foods and create deep disparities in both physical and psychological health outcomes. This session presents the American Heart Association’s 2021 Dietary Guidance to Improve Cardiovascular Health and a comprehensive approach to better health and well-being that focuses on advancing health equity through national and local action, cross-sector collaboration, and consumer empowerment.