Virtual Experience Session Highlight: From Alaska to Your Store to the Shopper’s Table

April 21, 2021

This session is being presented as part of the RDBA Virtual Experience on May 5th from 3:00-3:30 EST. All registered retail RDs have access to this session (no separate registration is required). If you haven’t register yet for the Virtual Experience, you can do so here

Just Announced! The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) will send $100 gift cards to the first 25 retail RDs who demo Alaska Seafood Cook it Frozen on their social channels following this session. To participate, contact Monica George at

Full details on the session are as follows:
The Easy and Delicious Answer to Cooking at Home Burnout: Cook it Frozen with Alaska Seafood
Given the incredible growth of frozen seafood sales and growing consumer interest and willingness to cook seafood from frozen (66% would try it if they had recipe ideas), commercial Alaska sockeye harvester Melanie Brown will be demonstrating how easy it is to Cook it Frozen with Alaska Seafood. Join us while Melanie shares her fishing experience and an Alaska salmon recipe. You will also hear from Monica George, head of retail marketing for ASMI, about how frozen provides year-round availability to wild and sustainable seafood from Alaska, cuts waste and makes delicious and healthy eating a slam dunk. After the session, ASMI will send $100 gift cards to the first 25 RDs who send links to their own Alaska Seafood Cook it Frozen demos featured on their social channels.

Presented by:
Melanie Brown, Commercial Alaska Sockeye Harvester 
Melanie Brown was born into a Bristol Bay commercial fishing family and her choice to continue fishing has brought her through 40 years of fishing in the Bay. Melanie now fishes with her two children who, along with their cousins, represent the 5th generation of fishermen in their family. Being part of a thriving and wild salmon fishery that brings healthy protein to the world is not something that Melanie takes for granted.

This session is sponsored by ASMI.