Use Trends to Better Connect with Consumers

Use Trends to Better Connect with Consumers

December 14, 2016

Trends. For better or for worse, they can help us all understand better what is most valuable to consumers. When we better understand what the value points are, we can find ways to better connect and communicate with our customers in store. Using the latest internet search volume and shopping data, it’s clear that free-from and allergen related searches are at all-time highs and are poised to play a big role in-store in 2017. 

Gluten Free
Gluten Free trends, both in online search and online purchase (Google Shopping), indicate that interest has remained high for the last 2-3 years. With January-March New Year resolutions and “gluten free” being a diet of choice for many, spikes annually in 1st quarter naturally coincide with consumers’ heightened interest in better-for-you products. 

Google Search Trends: Gluten Free

Source:, World Wide, 2004-Present, All Categories, Web Search 10/2016

While search volume for vegan options has steadily increased over the last few years, 2016 has been a big year for vegans with a significant surge in online interest, particularly in vegan snacks. Meat-free and dairy-free lifestyles are trending up as consumers are more conscious of their impact on the environment and social responsibility.  

Google Search Trends: Vegan Snacks

Source:, United States, 2004-Present, All Categories, Web Search 10/2016

Google Search Trends: Vegan

Source:, World Wide, 2004-Present, Web Search 10/2016

Nut Free/Allergen Friendly
With an increased demand from consumers for better products that are allergen friendly, Google Shopping trends in “Nut Free” and “Allergen Friendly” products reached an all-time high in 2016 and overall web search volume has been at its height for 2-3 years now. And with the pressure from schools to eliminate foods that contain specific allergens for the safety of all students, this trend isn’t going away any time soon. 

Google Search Trends: Nut Free

Source:, United States, 2004-Present, Web Search 10/2016

Google Shopping Trends: Nut Free

Source:, United States, 2008-Present, Google Shopping 10/2016

Utilize Trends to Connect with Your Consumers
Form better connections with your consumers by utilizing trend data to plan educational events, in-store seminars, in-store sampling events, newsletter content and more with these great in-store opportunities:  


  • National Vegan Month (Nov)
  • Go Vegetarian or Vegan 2 days/week
  • Vegan never tasted so good – delicious Vegan products now available

Gluten Free

  • National Celiac Awareness Month (May), National Gluten Free Month (Oct)
  • Gluten Free Grill Outs
  • Going Gluten Free – Benefits of Gluten Free 
  • Gluten Free Snack Breaks

Go Nuts (Free!) 

  • Allergen friendly foods & snacks for back to school (Aug & Sept)
  • Food Allergy Awareness Week (2nd Week of May)
  • Food Allergy Action Month (May)

Simply Delicious, Free-From Snacking
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