US Grocery Shopping Trends 2015:  Insights for Retail RDs

US Grocery Shopping Trends 2015: Insights for Retail RDs

August 19, 2015

By RDBA Executive Director Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) has released their US Grocery Shopping Trends 2015 report with data retail dietitian nutritionists will find beneficial as they build and enhance healthy living programs and services. Today, I’m highlighting five results from the survey and providing thoughts on how retail RDNs might leverage these insights.

The Survey Says: 63% of eating occasion food choices are decided within one hour of consumption.

- Leverage this insight by: 

    • Posting pictures of enticing breakfast, lunches and dinners 1-2 hours before meal time in social media, encouraging your shoppers to stop in for the ingredients and recipe.
    • Pitching your retailer on putting grab-and-go healthy meal options on display at the front entrance or by the checkout lanes.
    • Developing infographics of meals assembled from prepared foods and cut produce and post on company websites in circulars and in social media. 

The Survey Says: We’ve moved from a matriarchy to a democracy in food governance.  

- Leverage this insight by: 

    • Offering cooking classes for men and leading nutrition education classes that appeal to men.
    • Tying health and wellness promotions to sports seasons.
    • Creating better-for-you, kid-friendly shopping lists that kids can pick up at the entrance to the store and use as they shop with parents.
    • Creating and communicating meal solutions that allow a family to make one meal with tweaks to meet multiple family taste preferences (think vegetarian main dish to which a protein can be added for other family members).

The Survey Says: 47% of eating occasions are spent alone. These individual eating occasions are less healthy and include larger portions.

- Leverage this insight by:

    • Creating healthier recipes and menu ideas designed for a single serving.
    • Developing and offering “cooking for one” classes.
    • Partnering with deli and prepared foods category managers to ensure better-for-you options are available in these grab-and-go categories.

The Survey Says: In 1975, 100 minutes a day were spent on cooking. In 2008, this was down to 63 minutes a day.  

- Leverage this insight by:

    • Partnering with key buyers to offer meal solution stations focused on “cook once, eat twice” options.
    • Promoting food products (think steam-in-bag vegetables) and equipment (think crock pots) that provide time savings for healthier meals.

The Survey Says: 41% of consumers rely on their primary retailer to ensure their food is safe, up from 25% in 2009.

- Leverage this insight by:

    • Understanding the role you might play in your company’s food safety efforts.  
    • Increasing shopper communication, media pitches, and employee training on food safety topics and news.
    • Reading the RDBA profile Shannon Stover, MS, RD, Regional Food Safety Specialist at Meijer.