Upselling Retail Dietitian Services to Shoppers  Part II – Successful Selling Techniques

Upselling Retail Dietitian Services to Shoppers Part II – Successful Selling Techniques

November 8, 2017
Business Skills

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

Although it may be new and uncomfortable, upselling your services to customers can be one of the easiest ways to increase revenue and show your ROI. Depending on your retailer, there can be several ways to implement these strategies but it’s important to start with the needs of your current customer base to help ensure success. Here are some strategies to help begin the process:

  • Know your overall consumer base. By understanding the health issues and food concerns they face you can create a “menu” of services that best meet their needs and appropriately position your new or added services. If you haven’t been charging before then what are the added consumer benefits? How are you making your customers healthier, their lives easier, saving them money, etc.?
  • Start with your best customers first. Ask them what they think of your new services and what they’d be willing to pay. This valuable feedback will help you with approaching other clients.
  • Create a customer case study. If you have a customer that is successfully using your paid services, capture their story to show real-life examples of the benefits you are providing. 
  • Post a blog on a health issue and provide information on how your services can provide a solution. (Solutions for allergen issues; weight management, simple meal planning, diabetes control, etc.).
  • Offer a discount or incentive program. Three consultations with a gift card reward? 25% off the first consultation or class?
  • Communicate the customer need for your services. You are already a trusted health professional at your retailer. Be confident, clear and articulate about the benefits of your services. For example, let customers know they stand a higher chance of controlling their diabetes with a personal consultation. 
  • Implement useful technology tools. Can individuals register for your services via the web? Are their wellness tracking tools that would make your services more enticing and help you with your work? What other benefits could be provided with technology?
  • Make sure store staff is knowledgeable about your services. Every member of your retail team must know the resources you offer to help you be an effective upseller.

With these basic tips and techniques, you can ensure that upselling provides your retailer with an additional revenue flow, while providing important consumer benefits that enhance the customer experience and drive loyalty.