Unwrapping The Current Realities of Food Packaging Webcast

April 13, 2022

Food packaging is in the news. Over the past year, there have been more than 250,000 news reports about food packaging. Topics including edible packaging, eco-friendly packaging, phthalates, and single-use plastics are creating headlines and generating interest.  This webcast and podcast is designed to help retail RDs cut through the headlines and gain clearer understanding about food packaging benefits and risks related to food safety, health threats, food waste, environmental impact and more. During this segment, David Smith offers an overview of the current food packaging industry and highlights some of the most common misconceptions. David also provides insights into the myriad of challenges food companies face when evaluating packaging choices, such as compatibility with food ingredients, material sourcing, integration into food processing, food protection/safety, consumer perception, recycling, and reuse.