The Trend Toward Plant Based Diets: What Retail RDNs Need to Know

This webinar was on June 30, 2016

Sponsored by The Mushroom Council

Plant-based eating is on the rise. While a modest ten percent of Americans claim to follow a vegetarian diet, a whopping 57 percent of Americans report trying to cut back on their meat consumption. Retailers are paying close attention to this trend as sales from the meat department are highly connected to 70 percent of total store sales.

This presentation provides an overview of the trend toward plant-based diets and how it’s affecting America’s shoppers today. Retail dietitians will gain a better understanding of the plant-based consumer, their values, and how they can create programs that will encourage plant-based diet principles while supporting meat department sales. Dietitians will be led through a couple case studies of successful store promotions that catered to shoppers looking to reduce their meat consumption.