The Probiotics-Aware Consumer: Small but meaningful ways to help support their health

The Probiotics-Aware Consumer: Small but meaningful ways to help support their health

July 11, 2018
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Today’s shoppers are more health-minded than ever and seek foods and beverages that support their well-being. As a result, probiotics are no longer reserved for those with gut issues or as a way to maintain regularity.

While the health benefits of probiotics aren’t new, there continues to be growing consumer awareness and demand for them. Especially today, shoppers are venturing beyond the yogurt aisle in search of alternative ways to incorporate probiotics. In the past year, the probiotic drinks category grew 20 percent. That growth was driven by nondairy probiotic drinks – including juices, kombuchas, sparkling/infused drinks, shots and drinking vinegars – which surged nearly 50 percent. Dairy probiotic drinks, on the other hand, grew just 9 percent. From supplements and yogurt to kombucha and juices, we should continue to remind consumers of all the different formats in which probiotics can be found.

With so many choices when it comes to probiotics, some shoppers aren’t sure where to start. You’re in a unique role to show them how easy it is to make small but impactful choices. Incorporating Tropicana Probiotics into their diet, for example, provides a seamless way to get their daily dose—a no-brainer for those already consuming juice.

We created Tropicana Probiotics to give consumers the benefits they’re looking for in a delicious and convenient way. Launched in 2017, Tropicana Probiotics marked the first probiotics offering in the mainstream juice aisle—making probiotic drinks widely accessible to shoppers in a familiar format at an affordable price. Functional juices are growing as a catgory as consumers are looking to juice for specific health benefits. In fact, the probiotic juices category grew nearly 45 percent in the last year, underscoring the notion that awareness of and interest in probiotic juices is increasing [1].

Years of research and development were required to bring Tropicana Probiotics to the refrigerated aisle; the end result is a functional and tasty 100 percent juice drink with no added sugar or artificial flavors that’s easily found at grocery stores across the U.S. Each eight-ounce serving of Tropicana Probiotics delivers 1 billion live and active cultures of B. lactis HN019 to your gut. While there is no established recommendation for the amount of probiotics one should take, studies show that 1 billion CFU is an effective amount of B. lactis HN019. 

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