The New Modern Workplace: Staying Visible to Leadership

The New Modern Workplace: Staying Visible to Leadership

January 19, 2022
Shari Steinbach
Business Skills

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

During the past two years, most workers have traded their office desks for their dining room tables. While you may not be able to control where we work right now, you can still create a visible presence to corporate leadership. To ensure you’re staying visible to company leaders follow these ideas for demonstrating your engagement, productivity and commitment to your coworkers and company.

  • Create a team charter to share with all departments. Include your team’s purpose, members and their roles. You should also outline the work you can preform, listing out the types of requests your expertise can help with. This document will show how you provide value to the entire organization.
  • Schedule cross-departmental meetings. When working remotely, communication is essential. Coordinate regular meetings to touch base with other key departments you work with or want to connect with. Use the time as a working session, for brainstorming, or simply to align on a key project.
  • Share your accomplishments and those of others. Giving a team member praise, or providing the positive outcome of one of your programs shows internal stakeholders what your team is achieving. You may also choose to share how you have overcome obstacles to solve a problem. This showcases your leadership along with the high-performance of your team.
  • Consider a monthly update document. Create a monthly report to send to managers and senior leaders to remain on their radar screen. Rather than being a list of tasks completed, the report should focus on main accomplishments and results.
  • Make an ally of your boss. Ask your boss for support with raising your visibility to leadership and explain why it would be important for the whole team. Be frank about discussing how he or she can help to socialize your team’s achievements among key departments and the C suite.
  • Volunteer for meeting duty. Ask your manager if there are any meetings they would like you to sit in on or take over for them. Not only can you lighten your boss’s work load, but it’s a great opportunity to increase your visibility to internal influencers while having access to new projects.
  • Be proactive with outreach. Make a list of the leaders and influencers you’d like to connect with and set a weekly schedule to meet with one or two of them virtually or in person. Take this time to get to know them better, ask how you can support them, or provide them with helpful resources.
  • Participate in culture-building initiatives. By contributing to the culture of your work community, you will keep yourself noticeable to leadership. Join or lead an employee resource group, plan a special event, take on a mentor or a mentee, or volunteer for community programs that your company is involved in. Doing so keeps you visible and shows your leadership potential.