"That Claim is So Misleading!"

"That Claim is So Misleading!"

September 3, 2014

Nutrition professionals know that most of the time, you can't take a food label claim at face value.  If the claim is regulated, there is likely a lengthy definition with specific requirements (many of which are complicated, case in point: trans fats).  Most consumers are completely unaware of this and instead rely upon their own interpretation of the claim, which could be correct or incorrect.  And if the claim is not regulated, it's either a free for all or up to third party certification groups to help establish an industry-accepted definition for the claim.  

With the increasing number of claims appearing on product packages, this is a mess, and retail dietitians are critically-needed translators for consumers.  Do you find that after a walk through the aisles with you, your shoppers feel enlightened after truly learning how to read food labels?  Which claims do you find yourself repeatedly having to clarify? Share your experiences in our quick survey (just 90 seconds), and we’ll reveal the results in an upcoming newsletter along with communication tips to prepare you to shatter myths and help shoppers understand labels without confusion.