Tap into the Promotion Potential of Pears

Tap into the Promotion Potential of Pears

November 14, 2018
Retail Industry Insights

As retail dietitians you know the powerful health benefits that pears provide, yet too often, this unassuming fruit goes unnoticed by shoppers. How do you increase pear consumption among your shoppers – and produce sales for your stores? Stemilt Growers, a long-time leader in premium pears, recommends tapping into unconventional themes and creating special events with “hidden holidays” to highlight this nutrient powered fruit.  

Pears are prime candidates for promotions centered around cross-merchandising. They are great for pairing with other produce items, including packaged nuts, good-for-you salad greens, and even fellow fruits, like apples. We recently spotted pears atop avocado toast on an Instagram feed, and that tells us the produce combinations for pears is limitless!

Pears also fit well with non-produce items, including cheese, oats, cured meats, and more. But, what about unique promotions for pears? This is where you can let your creativity shine, but also an area that Stemilt is thrilled to provide some ideas and resources! Without further ado, here are 4 unique ways to promote pears:

  1. World Pear Day on December 3rd: While this pear promotion is by no means unconventional, it isn’t well-known by shoppers and there-in lies the opportunity! Promoting pears with vibrant displays, sampling events, and perhaps even a one-day sale is the perfect way to get pears on your shoppers’ radar.
  2. Back-to-School Promotions in January with Lil Snappers® Pears:  We call January ‘Back to School 2’ because it’s a time when kids are heading back to class after winter break, and parents are back into the routine of packing lunches and in need of convenient yet healthy kids’ snacks. With a variety of flavors in an ideal three-pound package size, Lil Snappers® are a fun way to tie pears into a kid-focused promotion in the New Year.
  3. Celebrate Spring Equinox with Pears: Shoppers know pears as a fall and wintertime fruit, but they are available and promotable during the spring too! Highlight several varieties of pears during Spring Equinox with a promotion on pears. You can educate shoppers about nutrition, the many flavors of pears, and the fact that they are ready-to-eat in the spring months too!
  4. Pears & Cheese for National Cheese Day on June 4th: It’s true that there is a ‘national day’ for everything, but we like the idea of promoting Rushing Rivers® pears with a variety of cheeses for an in-store promotion each June because of its ability to boost sales of pears during a time when people are less inclined to purchase the fruit. Instant ROI!

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