Take Videos to the Next Level with a Confidence Monitor

Take Videos to the Next Level with a Confidence Monitor

December 8, 2021
Tony Kucenski

By RDBA Executive Producer Tony Kucenski

In RDBA’s recent education event, Best Practices for Hosting Virtual and In-Person Snacktivities, you may have noticed the great visual landscape showcased by presenter Emily Parent, Coborn’s Health and Wellness Manager. This was possible through use of what we in the business call a confidence monitor.

With the high percentage of retail RDs filming videos and live streams these days, it’s common for you to film from your phone or a laptop computer. While the camera capabilities on these devices has improved significantly in recent years, maximizing your visual presentation is about the size of the device in addition to the quality of the camera.

For Emily’s presentation, she used a full-size monitor, which allowed her to see things better and make adjustments to the visual set up for her presentation. On a phone, for example, you may not be able to see a whole plate when you bring it forward to show your audience a finished recipe. Your capacity to see what you are showing and make adjustments during the live demo is also limited with a phone or tablet. Additionally, it’s more difficult to manage chat and respond to comments on smaller devices.

Filming from a larger device allows you to see your display of ingredients, appliances, and finished food items easily, creating the most visually interesting set-up possible. Just as important, you can see your movements during the demo and adjust to focus the presentation to the camera. You can position yourself within the frame more effectively with a larger monitor, ensuring for example that your head space stays consistent throughout your presentation. This composition matters as it allows you to direct your viewers attention to the key elements at the right time during your session.

While Emily used a large monitor during her presentation, you can accomplish the same effect using your phone linked to your television with Apple TV or your laptop tied to multiple monitors, which allows you to set up your visual on one monitor and the chat/comments on a second screen.

All indications are that live stream and video engagement are here to stay; working with a confidence monitor can enhance your filming and live streams, adding a new level of professionalism.