Stand Up! Why Recognition Matters for You and Your Team

Stand Up! Why Recognition Matters for You and Your Team

February 26, 2014

Allison Beadle, MS, RD, LD

Editor, RDBA Weekly

Do you remember the last time someone in your company was recognized for their efforts? In all likelihood, there were a lot of positive outcomes—increased engagement, collaboration, and improved morale, visibility, etc.

For retail dietitians, it’s more important than ever to seek recognition for yourself or someone on your team.  Why now?  Because recognition not only delivers direct benefits to the person being recognized but to retail dietitian efforts as a whole. It’s the “rising tide floats all boats” effect: elevate the profile of one to elevate the profile of many. 

By increasing the visibility of retail dietitians through recognition programs, we increase the influence of retail dietitians within their organization and enhance opportunities for career growth within the retail sector.  Although many dietitians have been hired to work for retailers over the past several years, this career path has yet to realize its full potential in many ways.  And an important step in advancing the career interests all retail dietitians—current and future—is drawing attention to the leadership efforts of retail dietitians through high visibility recognition programs.

What can you do to highlight the efforts of yourself or your team?  It’s simple:

  1. Look for formal recognition programs both inside and outside of your company.
  2. Choose those that most closely align with the roles and contributions of you or your team members.
  3. Identify the person on your team who most closely fits the award criteria (this person could be you—it’s not only OK but good to nominate yourself!).
  4. Complete the application packet and submit it by the deadline.
  5. If the person you’ve nominated is selected, be sure to let your supervisor know and seek opportunities to let others know—company newsletters,  the local media (both business and consumer media), etc. 

Where to look for recognition programs?  Here are some tips:

  • Check in with HR: Talk to someone in your HR department about employee recognition programs currently in place within your organization to get an understanding of opportunities within your company. 
  • Turn to Your Closest Friends: The organizations that align most closely with what your professional path will almost always have awards programs in place to recognize the efforts of their member.  RDBA’s Retail Dietitian of the Year Award is a case in point.
  • Connect with Your Community: Within your city, there are likely numerous organizations or entities that recognize leadership in business or community service.  Often, local media outlets such as the Business Journal or local paper will have recognition programs in place that could 

Retail dietitians are in an important growth phase where visibility can greatly enhance opportunities, both short and long term.  What can you do to recognize the efforts of you or your team today?