Solutions Spotlight: Nutrition Month at Fiesta Mart

Solutions Spotlight: Nutrition Month at Fiesta Mart

April 23, 2014

Commemorating National Nutrition Month and celebrating the recent launch of their new Wise Choices™ shelf-edge nutrition icon program, Texas-based Fiesta Mart created a March in-store event titled “Eat Smart with Wise Choices.”  Fiesta is known in their region for engaging shoppers through special events like the Houston International Festival, and Fiesta leadership aspired to create that same shopper excitement in the store around their Wise Choices nutrition icon program.

The month-long event ran in 16 Houston-area stores, and participating stores featured a dedicated end-cap and shelf-edge tags with the “Eat Smart” and “Nutrition first in March” message.  Ed Ambrose, Fiesta’s Director of Neighborhood Marketing & Merchandising, and Parmer Morgan, Fiesta’s Director of Merchandising, worked closely with Vestcom’s Senior Director of Health & Wellness, Monica Amburn, RD, LDN, to design the program.

The event featured products meeting Fiesta’s Wise Choices criteria for Carb Wise, Good Source of Fiber or Good Source of Calcium.  Carrying the message throughout the store, Fiesta highlighted participating products in the aisles with special Vestcom shelf-talker tags with the “Eat Smart with Wise Choices” theme.  End-cap displays carried the theme further with unified artwork to call out the display, including “Eat Smart” signage, blades, shelfStrips® and shelf-talker tags.  The end caps featured a new set of products each week around a meal solutions – Snacks, Tex Mex Meal Solutions, Pasta Meal Solutions and Breakfasts – which all met the event criteria.

Initial sales results showed incremental units moved for event items, and Fiesta shoppers have relayed their excitement about the program to store management.  Fiesta plans to feature more health and wellness focused events throughout the year, coinciding with key dates on the national health calendar.

The Wise Choices nutrition icon program, powered by Vestcom’s healthyAisles® database, was launched in January of this year to help shoppers find better food options.  For more information on events in Fiesta stores, visit Facebook or