Solutions Spotlight: Easter on Air with Meijer

Solutions Spotlight: Easter on Air with Meijer

May 7, 2014

From produce and dairy to center store and seasonal/toys, Meijer Healthy Living Advisors proved that a creative media angle not only secures valuable time on-air but provides a platform for delivering many educational messages.  Registered dietitians Maribel Alchin and Melissa Hehmann eached developed seasonal segments for local television stations incorporating products from across the store as well as educational messages focused on product selection and handling, cooking, nutrition, gift ideas, and more.

"When I was creating the content for my Easter brunch segment I was thinking about how to make it healthier by providing tips like healthy ingredient substitutions, easy ways to use Spring produce, and thoughtful Easter basket ideas beyond the candy.  I know that consumers aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables and a Garden Vegetable crustless quiche was perfect for showing how to add more veggies," said Alchin.  "To complete my display, I found placemats and décor in Meijer’s Easter aisle."

Alchin's segment also included Easter basket ideas including a “little gardeners” Easter basket had kid-sized gardening tools, veggie seeds, gloves, and watering can in a flower pot.

"I wanted to show that Meijer is a one-stop shop where you can find everything you need to celebrate Easter from healthy foods to Easter basket ideas," said Alchin.  

Alchin has been providing monthly healthy cooking segments for WICD 15 TV in Champaign, IL for the past five years and the station has given her the freedom to decide what topics she can show on their station. She says they feel that her topics are timely, relevant, and interesting to their viewers.  To view Alchin's Easter segment, click here

Hehmann's segment for WRDB in Louisville, KY took a different approach and was timed for the day after Easter to provide consumers with solutions for using leftover hard-boiled eggs.  

According to Hehmann, "It was a perfect time to promote egg nutrition with easy and healthy ways consumers can use all of those leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs. Everyone probably has their version of a traditional egg salad so I wanted to present something new and also incorporate another healthful ingredient like avocado."

This recipe not only provided an opportunity to discuss the nutritional benefits of eggs, but because her recipe used avocados, she was able to also discuss and demonstrate avocado selection and cutting. In addition to demonstrating this recipe, Hehmann showcased creative food styling with hardboiled eggs, which she found on Pinterest.  To view Hehmann's segment, click here

Although consumers are increasing turning to the internet for information and ideas, broadcast media is still an important vehicle to reach them and goes beyond the television set with online video, articles, recipes, and social media.  Alchin and Hehmann are proof that developing close relationships with key media and delivering content that meets their needs is an effective way to increase retailer brand visibility while educating consumers.