Solutions Spotlight: Easter at ShopRite of Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia

Solutions Spotlight: Easter at ShopRite of Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia

May 14, 2014

The Friday before Easter in-store Registered Dietitian Stephanie Perez hosted an ‘Egg-celent Easter’ event at the ShopRite of Aramingo Avenue in Philadelphia, PA.  With her table at the entrance, she was able to greet every customer as they walked through the front doors. 

The main message of Stephanie’s event was how to have a healthier Easter, and focused on the health benefits of eggs and egg whites while also providing examples of how to create a healthier Easter basket.  The event featured a homemade crustless vegetable quiche, and the amount of customers who had never tried this nutrient-packed dish were eager to taste her creation and she ended up passing out approximately 120 samples.  With several informational handouts and the recipe available at the table, shoppers were able to take what they learned home, and also have a shopping list of the ingredients included in the recipe for them to grab during their trip. 

To include the younger kids, Stephanie filled 100 plastic eggs with “Bunny Mix”, a combination of cheerios, mini pretzels, raisins, and mini chocolate chips to pass out during the late afternoon event.  The kids loved being able to take home a treat with them, and it was able to reinforce the message that Easter can be a healthy holiday! The products to create the bunny mix were displayed on the table to show parents how to easily recreate this delicious snack at home.

As a way to increase sales in more than one category, Stephanie featured a healthier Easter basket filled with items from departments such as health and beauty aids, produce, grocery, and non-foods. It was greatly beneficial to spark conversations on how to include non-candy items as presents and inspired parents to be creative in the gifts they purchased for their children. 

Overall, this “Egg-celent Easter” event attracted over 150 customers in a two-hour period and was advertised through the use of the in-store message repeater, Stephanie’s Calendar of Events posted at her office and customer service, her monthly email blast, as well as under the Health Events tab on