Should Retail RDs Podcast?

Should Retail RDs Podcast?

December 9, 2015

If you’ve seen tremendous benefit from starting a blog or other online content, then starting a podcast is something you’ll want to consider. What is a podcast? Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet – to describe it simply, it’s like a recorded radio show that can be accessed any time of day. The word podcast is the marriage between the words broadcast and iPod. Why iPod? Because people started by downloading podcasts to their iPods; today that’s not the case as podcasts can be downloaded to any device. 

Why should you start a podcast? For starters, a podcast allows you to reach a new audience -- those who prefer a more portable audio format. Additionally, podcasts are an excellent way to build a new following from scratch and relay your health and wellness messages in a way that consumers can listen to over and over again (while driving to get groceries!), and share with their friends and family. Podcasts also provide the potential to drive increased traffic back to your website or store.  

The fact that podcasts are easy to consume and don’t require extra attention like a blog or video and can be accessed on any device, means shoppers of all ages can happily listen in. Podcasts can be replayed on a smartphone, desktop computer or a tablet.

Podcasts also enable you to create a more intimate connection with your audience. Why is that so? You’ll be in your listeners' ears for 30 minutes or more once a week (or however frequent you decide to record). We know that shopper relationships are key to increased sales, creating a greater ROI and bigger basket size and since the topics will be health related you’ll also be shifting health behaviors.  

Because podcasts allow you to form a deeper relationship with your shoppers than with blog posts or social media, you might even be able to add it as a revenue source. Midroll reported that 63 percent of its listeners purchased a product or service after hearing it advertised on a podcast!     

Based on the many benefits listed above, podcasting may be a valuable addition to your healthy living programs in 2016.  

Stay tuned for next week’s article on the technical tips you need to know before getting started on your podcast.