September is National Mushroom Month…Are You Ready?

September is National Mushroom Month…Are You Ready?

July 24, 2019
Retail Industry Insights

From New York Times’ Kim Severson naming mushrooms the “It” vegetable for 2019 to Martha Stewart claiming that mushrooms are the “food of 2019,” mushrooms are certainly having a moment. Grocery buyers are opening their carts up for more mushrooms with sales increasing every year over the past five years. With National Mushroom Month just around the corner, here are some ideas to ignite excitement in your produce department this September. 

Celebrate a #MushroomADay

 Share social media content from the mushroom experts at to celebrate a #MushroomADay. Daily themes include:

  • Monday: Meal-prep Mondays.
  • Tuesday: It’s Tuesday Night Somewhere with Melissa d’Arabian.
  • Wednesday: Bon Appetit “Blendsday” Recipes.
  • Thursday: Nutrition Tips & Tricks from Registered Dietitians.
  • Friday: Recipes from mushroom partners: USA Pulses, American Egg Board, National Pork Board and the Idaho Potato Commission.

Mushrooms 101

- With so many different varieties of mushrooms available in the supermarket, it’s difficult for shoppers to remember the best ways to choose and prepare them. This is a perfect opportunity to educate consumers on how to select, prep, clean and cook mushrooms by leading an in-store mushroom demo. 

  • To help you run a successful mushroom demo, click here for tips, best practices and talking points to share with shoppers.

The Trend is to Blend

- The Blend combines meat with finely chopped mushrooms to create reduced calorie versions of the recipes your customers love such as burgers, tacos, meatloaf and meatballs, without sacrificing taste or texture. 

  • Plus, The Blend enhances flavor, helps reduce calorie, fat, and sodium intake and adds important nutrients like vitamin D, B-vitamins, selenium (8mcg) and potassium (270mg) to the plate. 
  • Sometimes the only barrier to trying the blending technique is knowing how to get started. So, retail dietitians, it’s time to fire up the food processor and show customers how simple it is to start blending. 
  • For tips on managing a successful blending demo, click here