Rewriting Your Resume for a Career Change

Rewriting Your Resume for a Career Change

October 18, 2017
Career Development

By Tyler Kim, RDBA Dietetic Intern, Wellness Workdays

Rewriting your resume can be daunting, but is an essential first step in changing career paths and moving into a position in retail dietetics.  The added challenge in this situation is that the person reading the resume may be unfamiliar with your current field and professional history.  The good news is that if you are rewriting, you have a foundation, and even if in a different context, it is likely that many necessary skills are there; your job now is to highlight those.

Here are some strategies for revamping your resume for a career change:

  • Target Transferrable Skills: Utilize the job description of the desired retail dietetics position to identify necessary skills. Then, assess those that you already have.  This is where considering non-professional experiences can be vital.  Including a skills section of your resume can help transpose your transferrable skillset into the context of a new workplace.
  • Use a Functional Format: A functional versus the typical chronological resume may be a better choice for a career change as it is organized in a way that prioritizes skills and abilities before with employment history.  This format allows the employer to connect the work you’ve done in a different dietetics environment to the responsibilities of a retail dietitian.
  • Translate Terminology: Each industry has their own jargon and acronyms, so avoiding unfamiliar terms and even incorporating your target industry's terminology can be helpful in connecting the dots for the employer.  Background reading on retail dietetics and reviewing RD Close Up articles on the RDBA website can clarify some key terms within this industry.  
  • Quantify results.  Specific numbers can be a straightforward, universal way to quantitatively convey past successes and potential successes in the retail setting.
  • Be concise: Think quality over quantity.  Especially if you have been in the workforce for some time, it is unlikely that everything is going to fit on one page--nor should it. Better to focus on the experiences, skills, and accomplishments that are clearly relevant for your desired position.

The overall goal is to prove to potential employers that you have the skillset to be successful in this new role.  These tips can help you accomplish this goal through creating the next version of your resume.