Retail RDs for Hire

Retail RDs for Hire

August 28, 2019

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance is committed to helping retailers identify and hire top talent and to assisting dietitians with securing and building successful, satisfying careers in the retail industry. To this end, we’ve added a new service – Retail RDs for Hire – to our website. 

This new service is designed both for nutrition professionals seeking RD roles and hiring managers looking for the perfect candidate.

RDs Seeking Retail Role

As a part of this service, our website provides insights to help RDs position themselves for retail roles and skills frequently looked for by hiring managers.  Those seeking retail RD roles can post their resumes. A key feature of the new site is the ability to specify parts of the country where you are interested in positions. To post your resume, click here.

Hiring Managers

If you’re looking for new team members, simple visit our site and view potential candidates. You can sort candidates by geographic locations, finding candidates interested in your key markets. To review resumes, click here.