Retail RDN Role in Private Brand Promotion

Retail RDN Role in Private Brand Promotion

April 7, 2021
Shari Steinbach
Retail Industry Insights

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

Private brand products continue to be a priority for retailers as they provide both differentiation and profit to the company. Through their health and wellbeing initiatives, retail dietitians can increase private brand awareness and credibility while educating shoppers on how to use products to reach personalized wellness goals. Here are some strategies for integrating private brands into educational selling programs to increase sales and basket size:

  • Incorporate private brands into store-wide wellness solutions. Retail wellness programs typically center around health themes that correspond with current consumer trends, seasons or health promotion themes. By including your private brands into events and communications surrounding these promotions you provide a unique point of difference while highlighting how your products offer key nutritional attributes. Shoppers will appreciate learning about how your products can fit affordably into a healthful meal plan.
  • Provide signage and materials to educate shoppers on healthier private brands. In-store educational guidance such as RDN Choice shelf tags or departmental signage can help make customers more confident about their private brand choices. Messaging can also be included in print and digital ads.
  • Promote private brands in health-focused demos and cooking classes. Use in person or virtual demos and cooking classes to highlight better-for-you private brands. These events provide a platform for talking about the nutritional benefits your products offer and are great ways to introduce new, unfamiliar private brand items while providing a touch point to answer questions.
  • Shoppers love recipes! Make sure private brands are on the ingredient list of any recipes you distribute in store, online, in publications or via social media. Even if you are using a national brand recipe, the generic ingredients can be changed to your private brands.
  • Connect pharmacy to private brands. There are many opportunities to build a bridge from your pharmacy to the food aisles. For example, if customers visit your pharmacy for diabetic supplies or medication, have a sample diabetes-friendly meal plan and shopping list available with private brands as key ingredients. During heart month, have a selection of heart-healthy private brand recipes on display in the pharmacy or provide a list of products with a coupon for those items that promote digestive health.
  • Website communications. In your web content be sure to incorporate private brands into articles based on seasonal health solutions, disease management, pantry stocking lists, easy recipes, health tips and more. 
  • Leverage videos or media segments to promote private brands. This is a perfect way to reach a large audience of viewers who may not be current customers. Use these segments to present new private brand products, communicate unique product health benefits, or to talk about your brand’s sustainability efforts. This information can help drive new shoppers to your stores and products.
  • Community connection and outreach. There are many opportunities to connect with local community groups who are particularly interested in finding healthy product solutions that meet their lifestyle needs. Actively seek out ways to engage with consumers in fitness organizations, local health coalitions, wellness programs at large businesses, young moms’ groups and programs that promote specific food needs such as a gluten free or vegan specific event.