Retail Dietitians Leverage National Nutrition Month® to Reach Customers, Measure Impact

Retail Dietitians Leverage National Nutrition Month® to Reach Customers, Measure Impact

April 3, 2013

National Nutrition Month® is an annual opportunity to amplify a consistent nutrition message, reaching millions of consumers with impact.  RDBA Weekly recently surveyed our readers to learn more about what you’re doing to take advantage of this nutrition-centric time of year.  Your responses delivered three key takeaways: 1) multiple tactics are employed to get the message out, 2) vendors/suppliers are getting on board, and 3) metrics are in place.

What are Retail Dietitians Doing to Reach Customers?

Across the board, dietitians and their retailers are using many different tactics to reach shoppers during National Nutrition Month®, including merchandising healthy foods, point-of-sale materials, nutrition counseling, community events, cooking classes, store tours, and social media.  But the most popular tactics include customer education materials, traditional media placements (print, broadcast, radio), and nutrition education classes.  

If you’re not already doing so, consider an integrated approach when you start planning for 2014’s National Nutrition Month® push.  Select a mix of tactics that will support the volume (traditional and social media), frequency (point-of-sale materials/signage), high touch (classes, tours, counseling), and disruptive (merchandising) aspects of your education efforts to ensure a synergistic program that gets noticed and sticks with customers. 

Are Retail Dietitians Working Alone?

No. Vendors/suppliers are getting on board with National Nutrition Month®.  In-store demos were the most frequently cited vendor/supplier contributions to National Nutrition Month® efforts, and some have created customer educational materials that are being used.  

While National Nutrition Month® is still fresh in your mind, shoot a note right now to your vendor/supplier contacts and give them some ideas for next year.  Think big and ask to be a part of their meetings with buyers/category managers to help reinforce internal collaboration as you plan for next year.

How are Retail Dietitians Measuring their Efforts?

We’ve said this several times before in RDBA Weekly, ROI is H-O-T.  And it looks like many retail dietitians were putting metrics in place to measure the results of their efforts during National Nutrition Month®.  These metrics included sales measurements, class attendance, media measurements (impressions, audience numbers), event attendance, social media engagement, and customer surveys/feedback forms.  

When you’re planning for 2014, make measurement part of your plan, not an after thought.  Set measureable goals and define exactly what will be measured.  Because no two programs are alike, the approach to measurement must be tailored.

In short, it’s clear that retailers and their dietitians are hanging a hat on National Nutrition Month®.  A month devoted to a consistent healthy eating message and providing an excellent umbrella for integrated campaigns dedicated to educating customers and building sales of healthy items.  If you have a specific success story of how your retailer effectively reach customers during National Nutrition Month®, let us know. We’d love to highlight your efforts in an upcoming issue of RDBA Weekly.