Retail Dietitian Program Highlight: ShopRite

Retail Dietitian Program Highlight: ShopRite

July 17, 2013
Retail Industry Insights

Natalie Menza, MS, RD
Manager of Health and Wellness
Wakefern Food Corp

As dietitians, we know how important good nutrition is for overall health and well being, especially in the treatment of certain diseases, like diabetes and obesity, which require specific diet modifications. However, these diet modifications are often difficult to understand, let alone translate into product choices in the supermarket.

At ShopRite, we have taken a significant step toward bridging that gap with our Retail Dietitian program. ShopRite’s retail dietitians work with customers, associates and community partners to translate the science into action—developing customized health programs including store tours, in-store education classes, product tastings, health screenings, cooking classes, and even one on one consultations. Retail dietitians also have the benefit of seeing their recommendations put into practice right in the store when a customer purchases the products they’ve selected. Plus, they are able to build relationships and follow up with customers each week when they shop in our stores—building on new, healthy habits. 

Here are just a few things our Retail Dietitians have to say about our program:

Rachel Simpers, Retail Dietitian ShopRite of Hillsborough, NJ

“My favorite thing about my job is feeling a connection to customers. I like coming to work, seeing a customer and having a conversation right in the aisle. I love knowing his/her family, and being able to give nutrition advice or a product recommendation.” 

Lindsay Vaughn, Retail Dietitian, ShopRite of Brodheadsville, PA

“My favorite part about my job is the diversity of my responsibilities. Whether I am doing individual nutrition counseling, implementing outreach programs, or collaborating with department managers to promote healthy products, I am constantly building new skills. As retail dietitians, we push the limits of traditional dietetics into new and exciting territory.”  

Samantha Mark, Retail Dietitian, ShopRite of Yonkers, NY

“My favorite thing about my job is being able to work directly with customers, the associates and the community to improve health and wellness. I truly enjoy being able to provide a hands-on experience in the supermarket to give a better understanding of nutrition and the positive impact of eating healthier foods.”

This unique program continues to grow since its launch in 2006, when ShopRite introduced retail dietitians in just one store. The program has grown to include more than 65 registered dietitians who provide a wide range of health and wellness services—all free of charge for the customers and communities ShopRite serves.