Supplements in the Retail RD World

This webinar was on January 28, 2015

As dietitians, we often feel torn between the philosophy of “food first” and the reality that many of our shoppers are looking for assistance in choosing vitamins and supplements that could be beneficial to their lifestyles. In this session, we will discuss trends in the vitamin and supplement industry, while providing guidance on how to responsibly partner with your retail leadership in HBC and pharmacy to create meaningful and evidence-based guidance for supplement shoppers.


Monica Amburn, RD, LDN

Monica is a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a passion for creative wellness education and communications. Monica’s experience in clinical nutrition, weight loss counseling, and as a corporate supermarket dietitian has allowed her the privilege of leading thousands of people towards healthier lifestyles and personal goal achievements. Monica is now the Senior Director of Health & Wellness with Vestcom International, Inc., the leading provider of shelf-edge nutrition communication solutions to thousands of supermarkets nationwide.

Patty Packard MS, RD

Patty is the Director of Nutrition & Regulatory for healthyAisles® at Vestcom International. Patty oversees the healthyAisles® program which is a nutrient database which is the largest provider of FDA/USDA based shelf-edge nutrition claims to the retail industry. Currently, healthyAisles® is currently in over 10,000 retail stores in the U.S. Patty is a registered dietitian with more than 15 years of extensive nutrition experience in the food industry. She has spoken on regulatory issues at national meetings, given oral comments to FDA, co-chaired the National Nutrient Database meeting in 2011, and has co-authored over 10 publications.   Prior to joining Vestcom, Patty was a Director of Nutrition at ConAgra Foods.