RDBA Weekly Gets Facelift

RDBA Weekly Gets Facelift

June 15, 2016

Phil Lempert, CEO, Retail Dietitians Business Alliance

As you can see, RDBA Weekly has a face lift! In our never ending desire to offer the best content and email efficiencies, in this mobile and spam universe, we have made improvements to make RDBA Weekly more relevant and more readable on all devices.

We are very proud of our editorial focus and high quality content and are committed to fostering the continued business education and career development of current and future retail dietitians. Throughout 2016, we have committed to two initiatives. The first is expanding our reach into colleges and universities, informing dietetic students of the fabulous career opportunities that exist in our retail environments. The second is that we are now offering advertising opportunities in our newsletter to our sponsors. Be assured that all advertising will align 100% with RDBA's mission, and we will not waste your time with fluff or promotions that are irrelevant.

As you know, earlier this year we announced a strategic relationship with Stagnito+Edgell, the producers of Progressive Grocer Retail Dietitian Symposium. Our alliance does not signify any changes in our direction, staffing or focus - nor does it on their side. The purpose of the Alliance is to create new opportunities for Retail Dietitians here in the US and abroad.

We have taken painstaking care to avoid any duplicate emails as we combine our subscriber lists. However, you may find you have received two issues as the information entered might be slightly different. Just scroll to the bottom on one, click unsubscribe from this list, and you will only receive one email in the future.

While the branding has changed slightly, RDBA Weekly will continue to be written and produced by RDBA staff. Stagnito+Edgell will manage the sales efforts to secure advertising beyond our existing Sponsors; which will be focused on the promotion of resources and toolkits for retail dietitians, white papers and new research on topics trending in the retail space, dietitian-focused events, new better-for-you products, promotion of industry events, and opt inprograms for mailing lists or receipt of products or resources. From time to time, we may repurpose editorial content from Progressive Grocer that our editorial team and Advisory Board feel is relevant to retail dietitians and consistent with the RDBA mission. 

We will continue RDBA Weekly's focus on the following six categories:

  1. Business Skills negotiations, project management, marketing, brand management, relationship and partnership building, marketing of RD programs and services, sales, business pitches
  2. Communications media training, maximizing social media, presentation expertise, communicating in retail language
  3. Human Resources benefit to retailers in hiring and having RDs, RD role in employee wellness, people management, leadership development
  4. Career Development interview training, internship opportunities, mentors and sponsors, salary management, stretch assignments, managing upward, personal branding
  5. Retail Industry Insights effective relationships with suppliers, retail basics, art and science of merchandising, category management, operations, retail financials
  6. Trends regulatory updates, department trend reports, industry trends, consumer insights by product category, shopping cart data and new product reviews

As always, I welcome your insights and input (Phil@RetailDietitians.com), and look forward to seeing you at our next live event, Shopping for Health, at FNCE in Boston on Saturday October 15, 2016. 

Until then, thanks for supporting RDBA and making it part of your work life.