RDBA WEBINAR: Stay Strong with Family Meal Strategies

This webinar was on August 16, 2021

FMI’s Staying-Strong-with-Family-Meals Barometer research reveals that the majority of Americans plan to continue having family meals to stay connected to their loved ones, building on the habits bolstered during the height of the pandemic. In addition, FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2021 study shows that the desire to balance pleasure, health, values, and convenience still forms the backbone of how consumers think about and practice notions of eating and cooking well. Helping your shoppers understand how to make nutritious, delicious, and convenient meals will likely make family meals more achievable and enjoyable.

In 2020, cannedfoods.org, sponsored by Bush’s Best, conducted a nationally representative study among RDNs (n=300) and consumers (n=1,403). This research revealed a significant gap in knowledge for the benefits of canned beans. Jessica Broome, PhD, Southpaw Insights, will present this data, showcasing the opportunities to elevate consumer awareness about the benefits of canned beans and where RDNs can help close the gap. Krystal Register, RDN, FMI, director of health and well-being, will bring this to life for supermarket registered dietitian nutritionists (SRDNs). Krystal will share actionable recommendations and tools SRDNs can use to educate their shoppers on the importance of family meals while demonstrating how “canned beans can do” when redirecting shoppers to healthful, convenient and delicious options in the center store.


Jessica Broome, PhD, Southpaw Insights
With close to twenty years of experience in marketing and social research and advanced degrees in Applied Social Research and Survey Methodology, Jessica Broome is a seasoned and dynamic researcher with diverse experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Jessica began her career in the non-profit sector, interviewing inmates in both state prisons and city jails across New York. She then worked for several years in the research and insights departments of major public relations agencies, including Ogilvy and Edelman, where she managed the much-publicized Edelman Trust Barometer. Since launching Southpaw Insights in 2008, Jessica has conducted results-oriented research for both agencies and end clients across a broad swath of sectors, including financial services, healthcare, education, retail and food.

Jessica holds a PhD in Survey Methodology from the University of Michigan, a M.S. degree in Applied Social Research from Hunter College and graduated cum laude from Connecticut College, earning a B.A. degree in sociology and minoring in German and Hispanic Studies.

Krystal Register, MS, RDN, LDN is the Director of Health and Well-being at FMI - The Food Industry Association.  She serves as the lead coordinator and issue expert for health and well-being programs and activities, nutrition policy, operations, and communication issues for FMI members and community collaborators.  Krystal was a retail dietitian with Wegmans for 12 years and made significant contributions to company-wide wellness programs, health messaging, community events, and local media response in the National Capital Region.  Krystal’s background includes environmental and nutrition science studies with degrees from the College of William and Mary and James Madison University, with both clinical and personal coaching experience.