RDBA WEBINAR: From No to Go: The Evolution of Pasta and Its Consumer

This webinar was on January 8, 2019

For years pasta has reigned supreme as the ultimate comfort food and a guilty pleasure - food to indulge in and then regret the next morning. Over the years, the rise in elimination diets has vilified pasta as a food that is high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value. As consumer eating habits have evolved, the pasta category is undergoing a revolution. New pasta entrants to the market include vegetable noodles in the fresh and frozen sections of the market as well as shelf-stable alternative pastas made from beans, legumes, rice or corn. As pasta evolves and consumers become more educated about plant-based diets it’s important to understand who this new customer is, and how to reach and communicate with them. Join us, as Modern Table hosts a webinar on the changing landscape of the pasta consumer, as pasta evolves from a “no food” to a “go food”.

Presenter: David De Souza, General Manager of Consumer Foods, Basic American Foods 
David DeSouza is a food industry leader with experience that spans startup and established companies.   He started his career in marketing and innovation at Kellogg Company in 1992, working in South Africa and Australia before coming to the U.S in 2000.  While here, he worked on the entire spectrum of cereal foods – from Frosted Flakes to All Bran!  In the mid 2000’s, he moved to Kashi, a standalone natural food business within Kellogg, starting a lifelong love affair with the world of healthy, mission driven brands. Since then, he has been part of a startup that took on Lunchables and is now the leader of Modern Table - a fast growing brand of plant based pasta.  David has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mumbai University and a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.  David lives in Berkeley, California (and keeps reminding himself that there is a food world outside the Bay Area ‘bubble’). He is equal parts scared and encouraged at what his two teenage daughters will eat …..and  happy to play a small part in creating the future of food in this world. 

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