RDBA WEBINAR: Bringing Sustainable Food Systems to Life in Retail through Improved Access, Sustainability, and Everyday Nourishing Foods

This webinar was on July 28, 2021

With food insecurity at an all-time high, creating a more sustainable food system for the future is essential to feed a growing global population. The World Health Organization has defined a healthy and sustainable diet as one inclusive of a dietary pattern that promotes all dimensions of individuals’ health and well-being – foremost having equitable access to affordable and safe foods that have low environmental pressure and impact and that they are culturally acceptable.

But how does that translate locally? What are the necessary steps in bringing sustainable food systems to life here in the U.S. and across the value chain? How can industry work with retailers in providing food in a sustainable, equitable and accessible way, while ensuring they provide critical nourishment in ways that consumers enjoy? And lastly, what role does the retail RD have in implementing sustainable food systems for their customers?

Join Kate Schaffner, Global Sustainability Manager for Kellogg Company and Sarah Ludmer, Sr Director of Wellbeing and Regulatory at Kellogg as they explore:

  • The science supporting plant-powered, climate -friendly diet patterns and their positive impact on the health of people and the planet.
  • Strategies and programs designed to combat nutrition insecurity by unlocking access to foods that deliver nutrients of need, address hidden hunger or malnutrition, and support a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Understanding the important role of supporting sustainable agriculture including boosting soil health, protecting biodiversity, halting deforestation and mitigating greenhouse gasses.


Sarah Ludmer, RD is the Senior Director, Wellbeing and Regulatory at The Kellogg Company. In both her professional and personal life, she has a passion for finding positive ways to make a difference, which is at the heart of everything she does. Sarah graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  She then built a strong nutritional foundation in a variety of clinical roles before moving to Del Monte Foods where she supported nutrition and regulatory for consumer and pet foods. In 2014, she joined Kellogg Company, supporting the Kashi and Morningstar Farms brands. Today she serves as Senior Director, Wellbeing and Regulatory where she combines her passion for public health and love of consumers to unlock growth through Wellbeing. In this capacity, she ensures strategic outcomes and helps brands positively impact and meet the needs of their diverse range of consumers. Sarah also volunteers her time with Kellogg’s Business Employee Resource Groups focused on veterans. 

Kate Schaffner, Global Sustainability Manager for Kellogg Company, advocates for sustainable agriculture and climate resilience in ingredient supply chains. She joined Kellogg in 2018 and develops global strategies to meet Kellogg’s responsible sourcing commitments for its priority ingredients. She also supports Kellogg’s® Better Days commitment to create Better Days for 3 billion people, including 1 million farmers and workers, by the end of 2030. Prior to joining Kellogg, Kate worked with the World Wildlife Fund, where she focused on conservation agriculture, often in partnership with consumer packaged good companies and farmer associations. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and her Master of Science degree in Agriculture, Food and Environment from Tufts University’s Friedman School.

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