RDBA WEBINAR: Beyond the Plate: A Global Perspective on Milk

This webinar was on May 25, 2022

Join Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN, to update you about the latest information on an increasingly important topic and how it applies to retail. This webinar seeks to offer participants a global perspective on the consumption and importance of milk. Milk is viewed through a social, cultural and scientific lens and explored through multiple food ways. This presentation starts out by providing an overview of the reasons why individuals choose to avoid or desire to consume milk. This webinar further seeks to unpack the science of lactose intolerance and the rates of global lactose intolerance as well as the global annual consumption of cow's milk. This webinar describes the relationship between milk and culture and explores the traditional role milk occupies in certain cultures and its symbolic position in various cultures. Consuming milk has become a symbolic representation of becoming American and fitting into American society. This presentation goes on to explore global shifts in milk consumption in recent years and how acculturation affects latinx communities when individuals acculturate to the US. Furthermore, this webinar explores traditional milk-based dishes in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Lastly, this presentation examines the beneficial role that A2 milk may play for people with gastrointestinal issues and investigates this through recent scientific research as well as first-hand case studies.

Maya received her Masters of Science in clinical nutrition at New York University, where she is adjunct faculty. Whether addressing the nation or working one on one and with groups, Maya believes in providing nutrition education from an antibias patient-centered, culturally sensitive approach. Maya is dedicated to promoting nutrition education that helps the public to make informed food choices that support health and longevity. Maya shares her approachable, real food based solutions to millions of people through regular speaking engagements, writing in local and national publications, via her social media account on Instagram, @mayafellerRD, and as a national nutrition expert on Good Morning America, GMA3: What You Need to Know and more. She is the author of The Southern Comfort Food Diabetes Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes for a Healthy Life.