RDBA Retail RD of the Year: Mariely Rosado Martínez MHSN, LND, RDN

RDBA Retail RD of the Year: Mariely Rosado Martínez MHSN, LND, RDN

June 3, 2020

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliances congratulates Mariely Rosado Martínez MHSN, LND, RDN as the recipient of the 2020 Retail Dietitian of the Year Award. Mariely is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Healthy Path Market in Puerto Rico.

As a key member of the company’s leadership team, the dietitian role at the Healthy Path Markets is one of strategic vision, mentoring, and leadership grounded on the principles and mission of the professional license. The RD contributes in the transformation of stores into an ecosystem filled with resources through five key services and program: oversite of a nutrition clinic with goals to move consumers from treatment to prevention, in-store, community and employee events and programs, social media influencer, mentorship to nutrition students through demonstration of consumer behavior change in the store setting, and management of the Healthy Path product category. “The most beautiful thing about nutrition is that it recognizes that we are all unique and different,” say’s Mariely. “That versatility enables us to work together to reach everyone’s goals.”

Mariely showcased her ability to meet shopper needs while driving business success in her work to regain program momentum after the most recent hurricane in Puerto Rico. Mariely modified the approach that had made them successful to face the new market dynamics.  She worked with the CEO to redefine the scope of existing programs to reach better efficiencies and created new processes in marketing, product selection, product evaluation, and education.

Mariely leads the procurement of products for the Healthy Path Market program at key industry trade shows. These products are launched at all the stores and presented at the nutrition clinic for customer consideration.  Mariely enriches the category with new products to solve customer diet challenges. With the belief that continuous learning enables continuous innovation, Mariely subscribes to industry forums offered by RBDA, AND, Colegio de Nutricionistas y Dietistas de Puerto Rico, FMI, Progressive Grocer, and Today’s Dietitian. She has incorporated new techniques and strategies presented at FNCE symposiums to reach different generations resulting in growth in registered patients at the clinic. Additionally, she completed the “Professional Food Buyer Training” certification from Cornell University.

In her letter of recommendation, Enid Barillas, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company wrote: The impact on hundreds of customers and their families, students, corporations, education centers, local suppliers who look for our guidance in choosing products for the entire country, makes the Healthy Path Markets true leaders in food retailing.  At the heart of this effort I am proud to count with Mariely Rosado.

Join us in congratulating Mariely on this prestigious award. To hear Mariely’s acceptance speech, click here.