RDBA Launches Social Media Dashboard

RDBA Launches Social Media Dashboard

September 6, 2017
Phil Lempert

By Phil Lempert, RDBA President & CEO

Each morning I have had to log in separately to all five of my social media channels and thought there has to be a simpler way. As a result, we built the RDBA Social Media Dashboard which allows our over 2,200 members to log in once and see all their channels and trending information over the past ten days.

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance today opens our one-of-a-kind one-stop Social Media Dashboard to solve the problem that our member influencers have who are watching their content and campaigns being spread across different platforms, different media channels and as a result wasting precious time trying to analyze those assets.

The RDBA Social Media Dashboard gives you an opportunity to manage your social media in one place while providing real-time results of your influence. The dashboards and trend charts update every time you log in and members also can compare their Social Media Ranking against other RDBA members. The Social Media Dashboard is free to RDBA members.

According to an FMI 2016 Food Retail Industry Speaks Report, retail executives plan to decrease spending on traditional advertising, circulars, TV and radio and increase spending on social media. The report also reveals that brand marketers also are eager to partner with RD Influencers. Marketing solutions provider Linqia polled 170 marketers in the US about influencers and found that almost half said they will boost their influencer marketing budget this year; offering RDs other revenue opportunities.

This one-stop solution for RDs can make posting easier and more efficient with the goal to increase your industry status. Becoming an ‘influencer” can potentially lead to new financial opportunities including an increased salary with your employer.

Advantages of the RDBA Social Media Dashboard include:

·      Convenience – You will no longer need to separately open Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest accounts to determine audience reach. The Dashboard provides a combined view of all social stats, which can be shared with the RD’s employer as a measure of effectiveness and ROI;  

·      Private – Only you can see your information, allowing you to control the message to your retailer;

·      Trends - The dashboard allows you to track trends in your followers, influence and social media ranking over time, an important feature for ongoing communication on ROI; and  

·      Connections - Once your are logged in to your dashboard, you can open each individual social channel by clinking on its name. 

This is so exciting, and we anticipate becoming the first and last click-of-the-day for RDBA members. We expect that this can really make a significant difference in your career growth and opportunities. Be sure to sign up today by just logging in to the members’ area.