RDBA Launches New Education Program for Retail Dietitians

RDBA Launches New Education Program for Retail Dietitians

July 1, 2015
Career Development

As dietitians secure roles within the retail setting, they're at varying career levels, come from a variety of prior job settings, and bring different expertise to the retail space. At the same time, there is a core set of knowledge that all retail RDs must possess in order to be successful in this job setting. This is the genesis of the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance's newest education model -- called EduTrac®.

Officially launching today, EduTrac® is an online module designed to provide core knowledge to all retail dietitians. Shari Steinbach, RD, Healthy Living Manager at Meijer and RDBA Advisory Board member, was involved in the decision to add this new component to RDBA's suite of education offerings. "EduTrac® will provide retail dietitians with core knowledge on key areas within the retail setting, making the individual RD more effective in their roles and helping those of us who manage teams to ensure our staff have foundational knowledge of how the retail industry works and how they can engage the system," comments Steinbach. Adds Jane Andrews, MS, RD, Nutrition and Product Label Manager at Wegmans and RDBA Advisory Board member, "The learning curve for new retail dietitians can be steep. EduTrac® will provide greater understanding of the retail environment and position them for quick success." This is especially important for dietitians hired as the first or one of a few RDs within a retailer.

RDBA focuses on key education topics for our members, including business skills, industry knowledge and trends, and in the long term, there will be EduTrac® modules developed in all education categories. Sponsored and developed by USA Pears, the first EduTrac® is titled Maximizing your Health and Wellness Impact through Sampling Programs and provides an in-depth understanding of the various ways in-store sampling programs can be managed and executed, and how retail RDs can interface with each of the various approaches. The training program includes videos, pictures, checklists, and quizzes to make the education process engaging for RDBA members. In the long run, continuing education credits will be available to those RDs who take the EduTrac® and pass a quiz with an 80% score. RDBA is currently in the process of securing continuing education credits for dietitian

Future EduTrac® modules will be added as they are developed. If you have suggestions on topics for EduTrac®, please send them to RDBA Executive Director, Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND at annette@retaildietitians.com.

To access the Maximizing your Health and Wellness Impact through Sampling Programs, click here.