Promoting Balance: Celebrating with Treats in Moderation

This webinar was on July 31, 2014


Elevate your expertise as an authority on how shoppers can ‘treat right’ with confections.  Be the place your merchandisers turn to learn how they can balance health and wellness and the importance of candy to their sales and profits. Teach your shoppers how candy can be a part of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Scientific evidence shows that a healthy balanced diet can include moderate amounts of favorite treats like candy and that deprivation doesn’t work.  Thus it is essential to have tools available to help clear your shopper’s confusion about what moderation means when enjoying treats.  

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) can help dietitians and merchandisers find a balance of conveying responsible messaging about treating right and promoting category growth.  Hear from your industry colleagues about proven in-store strategies that strike this perfect balance.  

This webinar will include:

  • A review of scientific evidence on candy in moderation citing Nutrition TODAY and epidemiological studies including NHANES and Bogalusa studies as well as emerging evidence from 2014 Penn State research
  • Overviews of NCA tools for promoting moderation. Presenters will review an industry toolkit for conducting conversations with retail executives summarizing both scientific and consumer/shopper research. 
  • Finally, a panel of leading retail dietitians will share what’s working with their merchandising teams to promote role of treats with their shoppers balancing moderation and category growth.