Power of Branded Produce

Power of Branded Produce

September 12, 2018
Retail Industry Insights

We have a challenge for you; don’t worry – it’s easy. 

Next time you stroll through the product department, take a few minutes to see if you can spot any unbranded produce. Yes, we said unbranded because in today’s world, it can be difficult to spot a piece of produce that is not directly connected with a brand. 

According to Nielsen Fresh Facts data released in 2017, branded produce items have been a driving force in produce department sales growth over the past five years and far outpaced the growth of private label, while unbranded produce products are declining. 

Brands now account for 38.5 percent of total produce department dollar share, a figure that increased nearly 8 percent between 2012-2016. Branded fruits grew at a faster rate than branded vegetables and branded produce overall. Fruit trailed only the produce snack segment in brand growth. 

Stemilt Growers is a big believer in the power of brands and has long believed that knowing where your food is grown, how its grown and who grows it benefits the consumer and will ultimately lead to a brand loyal customer. In fact, the company’s late founder, Tom Mathison, was the first to apply a branded sticker on apples, before PLU (price look-up) codes were used and done intentionally to ensure shoppers knew where their apples came from. 

Branded produce goes hand-in-hand with storytelling and storytelling has been a pillar for Stemilt for decades. Today, Stemilt uses the power of storytelling to build its branded products and believes it can help you, the retail RD. Promoting branded produce in store through social media, in-store events or signage, and demos is a unique way to support the product, giving the consumer a reason to purchase. Get started with Stemilt’s club apple varieties, like Piñata® or packaged brands like Lil Snappers® kid-size fruits.

Branded produce comes with a power that unbranded produce lacks and is supported by the simplicity of storytelling. Connect with Stemilt to learn more about its brands and how they can benefit your efforts promoting wellness at your stores.