Podcast Release: A Fresh Perspective on Dinner

Podcast Release: A Fresh Perspective on Dinner

October 9, 2019
Retail Industry Insights

For many retail shoppers, planning dinner on a daily basis is still a struggle. Retailers have offered many options to solve this consumer problem. Meal kits, bunkers of meal solutions, classes where shoppers create multiple freezer meals – all these options are designed to help the consumer get dinner on the table.

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance is pleased to announce a resource which can help retailers refine these offerings to specific meal occasions. In our newly released podcast, A Fresh Perspective on Dinner, you’ll learn that for most shoppers the dinner event can change from night to night, not just in what is served but in the approach to the meal. In fact, there are nine different types of dinner occasions. Here’s more detail on this podcast:

A Fresh Perspective on Dinner

All industries have experienced change at a breakneck pace throughout the past decade. Digital technology has changed the way Americans live, shop and eat.   Food may seem impenetrable to these forces — no matter what, people still need to eat.   Join us as we speak with Tara-Ann Dugan, Director of Consumer & Marketplace Insights at National Pork Board on food trends.  Tara will be sharing NPB’s new foundational research study executed amongst thousands of consumers uncovering key usage behaviors, attitudes and drivers when getting dinner on the table.  You’ll hear about:

  • Changing consumer needs
  • 9 dinner occasions identified in the new Dinner at Home in America Research
  • What contributes to the dinner choices Americans make
  • What shopping habits are leading to those choices
  • How has plant-based impacted the pork category
  • Perceptions of pork and meat and what it means for Retail

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