Pinterest Personas and How to Reach them

Pinterest Personas and How to Reach them

August 25, 2021
Shari Steinbach
Retail Industry InsightsCommunications

By Shari Steinbach, MS RDN, RDBA Contributing Editor

Since the pandemic, many individuals are looking at the future differently and while many of the old, familiar routines were swept away, several new positive habits have taken hold. As consumers begin to reenter work places and return their kids to school this fall, they desire to hang on to their positive changes. Retail RDNs are in a unique position to help customers stick with their new rituals, but must be aware of how shopper values and time have been reprioritized.

Based on dialogue with Pinners and through search data, Pinterest actually identified several new personas, based on values, for this phase of life. As you review some of these relevant personas, think about the ways you can support these internal consumer changes that have been made.

The Routine Ritualist - For this group, new routines became a stabilizing force during the pandemic. Their rituals may have been around meditation, nourishing meals, or activities that helped them feel both physically and mentally healthier and they don’t want to risk losing the progress they have made. They are looking for tips to keep their new routines going even as things get back to normal. Help these consumers incorporate quick and easy solutions into busier lives, such as easy ways to prep healthy meals with small appliances, or stocking a snack shelf with nutrient-rich, ready-to-eat options.

The Prioritized Parent – Pinterest research showed that there was a deep reconnection with family members over the past year and prioritized parents are looking for ways to keep these bonds strong. Offer virtual cooking classes with parents and kids, sell family-friendly recipe kits that include the kids with preparation, or make pre-assembled packages for a fun family movie night – include healthier options like flavored waters and seasoned popcorn. Highlight what your stores are doing to make family meals easier and suggest meal time activities that promote meaningful conversations.

The New Nomad - Many people on Pinterest reconnected with nature during the pandemic, and found out the great outdoors is very healing. The number of people camping rose significantly, home gardens flourished, and road trips were popular. Think about the ways you can position your offerings to provide solutions to these individuals. Healthy snack options for the road, camping menu plans and shopping lists, or recipes pairing your private brands along with common garden veggies like zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes.

The Eco Evangelist – It wasn’t surprising to find that being at home for several months forced people to examine their consumption habits. This group, called Eco Evangelists, developed new sustainability behaviors and plan on continuing to prioritize their environmentally-friendly practices into the future. Provide tips for food shopping, storage and preparation that help them reduce waste. Offer meal planning tools and shopping lists that make use of leftovers. Create videos showing customers how to use a variety of fruits or vegetables in their entirety and offer education on how to freeze products properly. You should also emphasize your stores activities related to sustainability, reduced packaging and community support of hunger programs.

Moving forward, it will be important to remember that consumers are different than before the pandemic. Pay close attention to your customer behaviors to see what they may need most from you during this unusual time.