Our Picks for Day Three at “Activating Insights for a Dynamic Future”

Our Picks for Day Three at “Activating Insights for a Dynamic Future”

February 15, 2023
Sally Smithwick
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We hope you are joining us for the Annual CMA|SIMA Conference that starts in just 12 days! As promised, here are our picks for breakouts, workshops and keynotes on Day Three (March 1, 2023) that we think have significant benefits to our RDBA community. The retail world is your oyster, and there are a growing number of opportunities for the retail dietitian in areas such as category management, eCommerce, space planning and more! We hope you will take advantage of this exciting event that can help you grow your career from RD to VP or simply strengthen your skillsets and knowledge for limitless success! See you in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, February 27th - March 1st.

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BREAKOUT: Key Components of a Successful Line Review & Pitch
Whether you’ve worked on pitches for programs within your company, to media outlets, or with partners, you probably know that preparation is key for success in advancing your goals. Kristin Demel, Associate Director, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and Steve Miller, VP of Category Management, Reibus, are industry experts when it comes to tactics for creating a successful pitch. With experience from both the retailer and supplier perspective, both will draw from thousands of line reviews they’ve been a part of and walk you through how best to prepare, the dos and don’ts, and where line reviews are headed in the future.

BREAKOUT: Cat Man Role in Translating the 4Ps to Digital
This breakout session is a must attend for retail RDs interested or working in the eCommerce space. Retail has changed dramatically in recent years -- with more consumers online as part of their path to purchase. Join Mike Black, CMO, Profitero, as he shows category managers how to reevaluate the classic 4P strategies (product, placement, price and promotion) from this new digital lens so they can help retailers unlock more growth opportunities and become even more essential partners. Walk away with six examples of category insights they can bring to retail customers using digital shelf analytics and other omnichannel data sources.

WORKSHOP: Shopper Mythbusting
Shoppers have shorter attention spans than goldfish - fact or myth? Retail dietitians are highly invested in knowing shoppers, and retail marketing based on faulty psychology can lead to costly missteps. Dr. Chris Gray, Founder of The Buycologist, is a formerly trained psychologist ready to challenge your assumptions and update your understanding of shoppers and their behavior in today’s retail environment. Leave this session with new perspectives and practical next steps for applying a myth-busting mindset to prevent misinformation and biases from sabotaging the success of your retail initiatives. Stay for the table talk discussion to follow to get even more out of this workshop.

KEYNOTE: Crack the Personalization Code with AI
Personalization that is done well creates value for customers, drive customer loyalty and create positive brand equity. However, manually scaling personalized experiences for millions of customers is impossible. But with AI and human talent, CPGs can gain a competitive edge. In this session, Kroger and its retail data science, insights and media subsidiary 84.51° will talk through high-level AI trends in retail and personalization and bring to life how those trends can be applied to create personalized and valuable experiences for customers.

Our sponsors have some great solutions to share in our exciting Expo Hall. This will also be your chance to collect tickets for our trip giveaway. Bring your BINGO card to collect sponsor signatures and earn extra tickets. At the final session we will be announcing the winner of a trip to Mexico or the Caribbean - location of their choice!

If you are planning to attend, we invite you to directly email Stephanie.Schultz@catman.global, RD Ambassador to the RDBA and VP at the Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals, so she can help make meaningful connections for you.

The 2023 Conference site is live, and registration is now open. Check out all 5 tracks of content and a high-level agenda within our theme Activating Insights for a Dynamic Future.” Email Ashley.Wirtz@catman.global to register now at a special, discounted rate just for RDBA Members!