Oatmeal on the Move Contest Announced

Oatmeal on the Move Contest Announced

October 4, 2017

The mobile food trend is still going strong.  From food trucks to gelato bikes to grab-and-go street carts, consumers are obsessed with the mobile restaurant.  Bringing this concept to your nutrition programs and promotions can be a great way to attract attention from your retail shoppers.

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance and PepsiCo North America Nutrition, home to brands like Quaker, Tropicana, Naked Juice and Kevita, are bringing this opportunity to you with our Quaker Oatmeal on the Move contest.  The winner of this contest will have access to Quaker’s oatmeal cart, a three-wheeled, motorized bike with heaters and pots from which to serve oatmeal.  Savory to sweet, hot to cold, fresh prepared to overnight oats -- the promotional options are endless with the oatmeal.   Kids, Millennials, parents, and Boomers alike love oatmeal, and a promotion using the oatmeal cart is a perfect way to grab their attention and highlight the nutritional benefits of oatmeal in your stores or at an event in our community.

If you’re interested in having the oatmeal cart for a promotional event at your retailer in January of 2018, enter Quaker’s Oatmeal on the Move contest now.  To participate, use social and/or traditional media to promote the nutrition benefits of oatmeal in October and/or for Oatmeal Day on October 29th.  Any of the following – or your own creative ideas -- can be included in your contest entry:

  • Facebook Live or video segments
  • Instagram posts of oats, oat recipes, cooking with oats.  Get creative with overnight oats, savory recipes using oats, or kids cooking classes with oats.
  • Social media contests related to oats. Shoppers could share photos of their favorite ways to eat oats.  Let your shoppers know that you are entering a contest and that they could help you win!
  • Local newspaper articles including oats.
  • Media spots featuring oats and demoing an oats recipe.

By Friday, November 3, submit a summary (in Power Point) of your oatmeal promotion to RDBA.  The summary must:

  • List your name, position, retailer, city, state, email address, and phone number.
  • Be up to but no more than five PowerPoint slides.
  • Provide a brief description (200-word maximum) of your oatmeal promotion.
    • Include pictures where appropriate.
    • Provide links and/or screen shots of your social media posts and videos including comments.
    • Provide links to any newspaper or media clips, and list viewership/readership of the media outlet.
  • Include a brief description (200-word maximum) of how you would use the oatmeal truck for a January promotion or event.

A PDF of your summary must be submitted to annette@retaildietitians.com by 11:59 CST one November 3, 2017.  One contest winner will be selected; the winner will be notified by December 1, 2017.  All contest rules are available here.