Mushrooms Continue to Trend in 2021

Mushrooms Continue to Trend in 2021

January 20, 2021

There are multiple signs mushrooms will be one of the top trending foods for the year ahead. The reason is simple: Fresh mushrooms’ multiple attributes align with the changing dynamics of both dining in and dining out. A nutrient powerhouse, mushrooms also bring a filling, comforting taste. 

Top reasons mushrooms are trending in 2021:

  1. Grocery shoppers are buying mushrooms at a near record pace. According to grocery sales data, mushrooms have been one of the top three produce items realizing the highest sales compared to the same period last year with weekly sales increases ranging from 20-40% throughout the spring and summer.
  2. Consumers report they plan to eat more mushrooms in the future. Even with consumer demand for mushrooms at record highs, a recent survey suggests the demand has staying power. Twenty-five percent of consumers plan to cook more with fresh mushrooms “after things get back to normal.” Another 63% plan to use mushrooms “about the same.”
  3. Mushrooms are a prime ingredient for the plant-forward movement. According to a recent study by Hearst, 40% of consumers have tried plant-based products, and 25% of consumers are interested in eating less meat. Mushrooms, with their umami flavor and meaty quality, are an ideal ingredient to star in plant-based dishes or to blend with meat.

Kick-off a healthy 2021 with more mushrooms! Here’s a couple of ideas to incorporate more mushrooms in your store:

  • Identify immune-supporting foods in the produce section. Customers are looking for foods that help maintain a healthy immune system, so give them a nudge by identifying foods great for feeding an immune system. 
  • Get cooking with ‘shrooms. Mushrooms are available year-round, so in the winter months, it can be a great ingredient to feature in online cooking videos.

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