Mini-MBA Programs: The right career move for you?

Mini-MBA Programs: The right career move for you?

September 23, 2015
Business Skills

By Amanda Rubizhevsky MPH, NC 

Retail RDs are often faced with a steep learning curve when it comes to the business side of their role. It’s a lot of learning as you go, but can get very overwhelming at times, as there is a lot of new jargon and concepts that are not only business related, but specific to retail and food as well. As such, you might be considering enrolling in a business program to bring yourself up to speed, and also to get some management training. RDBA has outlined the three basic types of Mini-MBA or business training programs, and provided some details of a selection of programs around the country. 

Three types of programs: 

Online Programs: These certificate programs are best for a basic grounding in business practices and terminology, and can be useful if you’ve had a recent promotion.  Online programs can last up to eight weeks, but the work is done remotely and the lectures are all online.  That means: no late night classes or commuting, no CE credits, and no networking.

Mini-MBA In Person: These programs are exactly what they say, mini-MBAs, usually between one- to four weeks in person. Allowing students to network, gain vital business skills, learn the terminology, and become better leaders at their respective companies.

Elite pre-MBA: Some higher-end schools are providing more in-depth programs, usually sponsored by the student’s employer. The price of these programs is multiples more than the others, from $18,000 up to $48,000 for just a few weeks. Some offer lodging and meals, and of course networking. These programs are also great for evaluating if a full MBA is right for you. 

Programs around the country: 

University at Buffalo Online Mini-MBA 

Cost: $995. Highlights: This program fosters an understanding of the most important functions of business and management. It is applications-oriented designed to provide students with a basic intro to business and management practices.  It is self-paced, and can be taken at any time. 

UNC Business Essentials

Cost: $2,500 Highlights: Offered by an elite B-school, available online only.  Each of the six UNC Business Essentials modules takes an average of 10-12 hours to complete. The entire program can be completed in 4 months if an individual spends 4-5 hours a week on coursework.  Certificate administered upon completion. 

University of St. Thomas, Mini-MBA

Cost: $2,995 Highlights: Available onsite in Minneapolis and online. This program quickly increases your value and potential in the workplace, resulting in highly-desirable experience and skills in: business, critical thinking and strategic analysis, leadership and ethics.  Best for those who want to advance their careers or make themselves more valuable to their current organization.

Loyola University Chicago Quinlan Business Edge Management Certificate

Cost: $3,300 Highlights: 10-week onsite program in Chicago. Students will learn about key management levers that drive organizational success. From marketing to finance to accounting, providing participants with a solid understanding of each function and how it contributes to organizational success. 

Rutgers, Mini MBA Business Essentials

Cost: $4,995 Highlights: Available onsite in New Jersey and online, several specialization available. A one-week immersive program. The program provides an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. Featuring focused learning experiences and case studies centered on vital subject areas in the business world. 

Georgetown University, Business Administration Certificate

Cost: $5,370 Highlights: Powerhouse university, taught by faculty at the McDonough School of Business and practitioners with extensive industry experience, on-site in Washington, DC - flexible schedule, can be completed within 2 years.  

Columbia University, Columbia Essentials of Management

Cost: $18,500, Duration: 13 days. Highlights: Elite University, available onsite, Columbia Essentials of Management, designed for high-potential managers who wish to accelerate their development as an executive and a leader, offers key concepts, frameworks and tools essential to career success-including strategy, leadership, finance and marketing.  Another important focus of the program is the development of your personal self-awareness.  Best for Mid-level executives who seek to further their leadership development and enhance their business acumen.