Mindful Mornings

Mindful Mornings

June 10, 2020

The alarm clock rings.  As we open our eyes to a new day, let’s open our minds to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a growing practice in everyday living and holistic health.  It’s the state of being present, aware and non-judgmental.  Mindful Eating is being conscious of what it is you want to eat, why you’re eating and how it makes you feel.  From an on-the-go belVita breakfast to an indulgent treat, we can encourage consumers to decide what, why and how they eat.  Retail Dietitians can apply mindful eating practices as a win-win to help guide client lifestyle goals and achieve retailer business goals.

Why should retail dietitians apply mindful eating practices?

  • It is a client-centered approach: People want to feel good about their choices and feel in control. They don’t want to choose between nutrition and taste.  Consumers tell us: “I like the idea of taking time and savoring – A lot of times we don’t think when we eat.”
  • It supports all food categories in all parts of the store and can help shoppers make informed choices: Raising awareness of eating behavior can help break the paradigm of “good” and “bad” foods to show that any and all food choices should be purposeful.
  • It is grounded in science.

What is the evidence?

Mindful eating has been investigated in healthy populations and at-risk populations such as overweight subjects.  Research shows that eating mindfully can result in:

  • A positive relationship with food by making deliberate and conscious food choices.
  • More pleasure and satisfaction by savoring with all the senses.
  • Better management of food portions and less likely to overeat by paying attention to hunger and feelings of fullness.

How can you inspire shoppers to practice mindful eating?

From an on-the-go belVita breakfast to an indulgent treat, we can encourage consumers to decide what, how and why they eat. Here’s how belVita helps sustain mindfulness in the morning.

  • WHAT: Choose belVita Breakfast Biscuits as a nutritious, convenient choice to fuel the morning with 4 hours of nutritious steady energy.  Pair belVita Breakfast Biscuits with a serving of low-fat dairy and fruit to enjoy a balanced breakfast.
  • HOW: Savor with the senses. See the grain emblem on the golden-brown surface of the breakfast biscuit, hear the crunch of a bite, taste the whole grains complemented with a variety of flavors such as blueberry, cinnamon brown sugar, toasted coconut or chocolate.
  • WHY: Fuel your energy with belVita to take on whatever the morning brings.

BONUS! Help customers personalize their nutritious morning solutions with My belVita Morning.

For more ways to inspire shoppers to practice mindfulness, view the Mindful Snacking Infographic and visit SnackMindful.com and Health-pro.snackmindful.com.

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