Millennial Parents Opting for Healthier Ingredients and Leaner Proteins

Millennial Parents Opting for Healthier Ingredients and Leaner Proteins

July 22, 2015

Young families – those millennial parents - are big fans of eating at home with their kids. According to a 2013 study, Millennials as New Parents, nutrition is second only to day care as the most serious concern facing millennial parents today. Supermarket RDs are uniquely positioned to help make family meals at home much more pleasant. While the millennial generation is quickly becoming the most powerful group of consumers, parenthood has completely changed how they behave and shop. 

One in four millennials are parents already, and according to Millennials as New Parents, their numbers are expected to grow dramatically. Millennials are approaching parenthood much differently than their parents, but they still share many values of previous generations, primarily the desire and appreciation for time spent together around a dinner table.

One quality that makes millennials stand out is their strong desire for new experiences. In fact, one in four millennials would rather pay for an experience rather than a product. This means there is an enormous opportunity for restaurants and grocery stores to create experiences for young families. Leading store tours for parents and their children as well as interactive cooking classes appeal to their desire for an experience. 

With more information at their fingertips than ever before, millennial parents expect to know more about what they and their children are eating. They are also leading the healthy lifestyle movement and want their children to follow suit. More than half of all millennial parents strictly monitor their children’s diets and restrict junk food and candy while 46 percent look for food options with few ingredients.

That being said, high-quality ingredients are extremely important to millennial parents. Over one-third of these millennials said that 70 percent or more of their grocery buying decisions were based on quality. Fresh produce, local dairy and lean proteins are common choices for parents who are looking to prepare healthy meals for their families. 

How can Supermarket RDs help millennial parents integrate lean proteins and fresh ingredients into healthy meals and experiences, especially as they gear up for the back-to-school transition? During September’s National Family Meals Month, recipes in blogs, media spots and demos can inspire millennial parents to provide their children with healthy, affordable and delicious meals to fuel their bodies as they return to the school routine. Turkey is the perfect protein powerhouse for these on-the-go young families.

  1. Appeal to millennial shoppers with quick, affordable meals that are sure to be a big hit with the whole family. Use turkey as a lean protein in family favorite recipes like this tasty and healthy Italian garden turkey meatballs and spaghetti dinner recipe from The Meal Makeover MomsPairs great with: Fresh, grilled vegetables
  2. Homemade pizza can be a fun meal for the whole family, but a new discovery awaits millennial parents by incorporating fresh ingredients and leaner proteinsPairs great with: A house salad
  3. Everyone knows how important a healthy breakfast is, so why not promote turkey sausage as a part of your shoppers’ routine? Product demonstrations and recipes that include protein showcase how items like turkey sausage can be prepared in advance to cut down on morning prep time. There are also many readily available, pre-cooked turkey sausage products that make breakfast simple, wholesome and delicious. Pairs great with: Scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast 
  4. Creating an after school snack that’s healthy and quick can be a tough assignment, but tortilla roll-ups are easy to make and easy to share.  Consider offering a kids’ cooking class to feature this and other simple recipes. Pairs great with: Garden dip and veggie sticks
  5. Turkey sandwiches are a staple at lunch, but adding other ingredients like turkey bacon and sliced avocado can help make a regular sandwich into an item kids will never trade-away at the lunch table. Pairs great with: Hummus and pita chips 

With millennial parents demanding higher-quality products and simpler recipes, it’s key that they can create nutritious family meals. Nutrition is at a new level of importance – and millennial parents are looking for help now, more than ever before. This back-to-school season, make sure they’re ready for class.


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