Making Breakfast a Family Meal

Making Breakfast a Family Meal

September 6, 2017
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There are great health benefits to family mealtime but let’s face it, gathering everyone around the table at the same time in the evening is tough to pull off. Between adult work schedules and kids’ activities, the logistics just don’t always align. To help families feel good about eating together you may also want to provide solutions for family breakfasts. 

What may make breakfast easier is simply the fact that the family is typically together for a period of time in the morning before their standard departure schedules. Also, breakfast offers less pressure for extensive cooking and meals can easily be assembled from family-friendly, nourishing ingredients that allow flexibility for adults and kids to personalize their choices. Breakfast is also a great time to engage in family conversation and strategize for the day ahead. 

By providing customers with breakfast building ideas, you can help them make the morning meal possible. Here are some fun ways to promote breakfast as a family meal: 

Waffles Your Way – Create a display showing a toaster and several frozen waffle varieties – whole grain, gluten free, blueberry, etc. Include a simple handout showing families 10 ways to top their waffles with delicious and nutritious options. For example: whole grain waffles + vanilla Greek + fresh berries; or waffles + peanut butter + banana slices. Promote these easy assembly breakfast ideas with social posts during family meals month and link to additional recipes at: 

Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich – Handheld sandwiches for the morning meal are popular. Show customers how to create their own with simple ingredients from your store. Start with whole grain English muffins, rolls or bread and include other ingredients from various departments including frozen, fresh, dairy, etc. Adults and kids would both love a breakfast sandwich that included a Morningstar Farms® Maple Flavored Veggie Sausage Patty + shredded cheddar cheese + apples slices!  

MyBowl – A quick way to have a nourishing breakfast together is to utilize the convenience of ready-to-eat cereal as a base for creating individual “MyBowls”. A serving of Kellogg’s® cereal with a half cup of milk and fruit each day, provides the energy families need to be productive at work and school. Provide a MyBowl demo or media segment to illustrate how a cereal breakfast with fruit delivers servings from the Grains, Dairy and Fruit Groups. Kellogg’s MyBowl complements USDA’s MyPlate, and is a great tool to use with MyPlate in your nutrition education efforts. To order MyBowls and educational materials for customers contact Kati Kauffman, RDN at For recipe ideas visit