Leveraging Social Media to Engage Shoppers and Drive Purchases

This webinar was on March 23, 2023

Sponsored by the California Walnut Commission

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook are all tools that can be used to reach your shopper. But developing new skills and finding time to create social media content isn’t always easy.

Join the California Walnut Commission as they bring together Jenna Werner, RD former retail dietitian and social media guru @HappyStrongHealthy and Lynette Hem-Lee, RDN retail dietitian at ShopRite of Jersey City, NJ on March 23rd from 1:00-2:00pm ET. They will discuss how to blend traditional shopper engagement tools and tactics with strategic social media content to effectively reach your shoppers with nutritious ingredients and recipes while driving results for your retailer.

You’ll learn how to take a nutritious ingredient like California walnuts and create a recipe that can be used in-store and across social media, with tips and tools that elevate your content creator skills. Do you have a question on content creation or ways to engage shoppers that extend beyond the in-store experience? Be one of the first to register and share a question in our pre-webinar survey for our speakers to answer live. By submitting a question in advance you’ll be able to receive a complimentary 5-pound box of California walnuts.

Register today and learn more about California walnuts at walnuts.org.

This webinar is sponsored by the California Walnut Commission. The first 25 questions to be submitted during registration will receive a complimentary 5-pound box of California walnuts.