Leveraging Data for Effectiveness in Shopper Engagement

Leveraging Data for Effectiveness in Shopper Engagement

February 21, 2018
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By Jamie Phillips, MS, RDN

In today’s marketplace, data plays a critical role in helping retail dietitians guide shoppers on their health and wellness journey.  SPINS data can help make your in-store engagement more impactful by focusing on the right products and the right ingredients at the right time. The SPINS advantage is that we help you stay abreast of evolving marketplace trends. For example, our 2018 Trend Predictions features innovative products and sustainability initiatives that may be useful for National Nutrition Month™. 

Here are a few other ways that retail dietitians can leverage SPINS insights:

  • Item reporting: Identify the latest and greatest products in the market to include in your store promotions, social contests, store shopping tours, sampling/demos, and meal plans.
  • Identify top trending product types to suggest buyers procure in key categories. If the top sellers aren’t on your store shelves or in your prepared foods section – you may be losing customers.
  • Increase awareness of trending functional ingredients and label language. Knowing what is on the market can help you proactively address potential questions or concerns you may have from your shoppers and offer alternative solutions as needed. 
  • SPINS reporting allows you to understand how your store is performing relative to its competition, with the capability to drill down into specific categories, subcategories, brands, and items. A variety of different measures help you understand your store’s performance and identify opportunity areas for growth and improvement. 

Our mission at SPINS is to increase the presence and accessibility of products that contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America – and we believe the RDBA members can help us achieve that mission. For more information on how your store can leverage this FREE retail partnership, contact Katie Gallo, our retail development manager (kgallo@spins.com), or Jamie Phillips, director of scientific & regulatory Affairs (jphillips@spins.com).  Be sure to check out SPINS.com for monthly blogs on food and beverage insights, trend watching, recaps from key industry events, and more.