Introducing RDBA’s Newest EduTrac: Oats, Seed to Spoon

Introducing RDBA’s Newest EduTrac: Oats, Seed to Spoon

September 29, 2021

How foods are grown and produced is increasingly becoming part of the dialogue with shoppers as it enters their decision-making process for food selection. For this reason, the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance is excited to announce the launch of our newest EduTrac Oats, Seed to Spoon, developed in partnership with Quaker.

This EduTrac is designed to help retail dietitians learn more about the oat’s seed to spoon journey.  The EduTrac covers the following topics in easy to follow content complete with graphics and downloads for use in shopper education:

  • Oat Production. Have you always wanted to understand how rolled oats differ from steel cut? And if all oats are whole grain? These topics and more are covered in this section.
  • Culinary Creativity. While a pantry staple, oats have many uses outside of a warm, nourishing breakfast. This section discusses the varying uses of different types of oats, and provides culinary inspiration for you and your shoppers.
  • Nutrition and Health Benefits. Understand the latest and greatest science on the role of oats in nutrition and health.
  • Elevating Oats at Retail. Ideas for turning education to activation are presented in this section.

This EduTrac has been submitted for continuing education credits from CDR, and the website will be updated as soon as approval is received. In the meantime, here are learning needs objectives for this educational program. After taking the course, participation’s will be able to:

  1. Share with shoppers what goes into making the Quaker Oat products they have come to know and love.
  2. Use the versatility of oats to inspire culinary creativity with their shoppers.
  3. Learn more about what research has uncovered about the connection between this powerful whole grain and several benefits.
  4. Determine at least three programming ideas they can implement at the retail level to educate shoppers about oats.

Click here to access the Oats, Seed to Spoon EduTrac.